I have unbelievably high expectations when it comes to just about everything, and preschool programs are no exception. Papoose has exceeded my expectations in every aspect in terms of the instruction, care and character building I desired for my son.

  I looked into several programs before deciding on Papoose and the experience they provide is unmatched in this area. They are absolutely passionate about children and them thriving. The excitement and heartfelt commitment they make to each child achieving at high levels (emotionally, socially and behaviorally) is inspirational. My son has always been inquisitive, but I see him as more confident, more verbal and having an increased level of self awareness that is beautiful to watched because I know he is pleased with who he is and is becoming.

  Mike and Dana have an attention to detail that is five star worthy. They understand each child’s needs, personality, opportunities for growth, and behavior. They set the bar extremely high and expect each child to get there—because they can. I see a self-efficacy that is being fostered within each child, not just my own, as a result of their fair and loving guidance.  I will be forever grateful for the beautiful experiences they have facilitated for my son and our family. Being a part of the Papoose family has been a delight, indeed!”

Regina Curry

What I Love about Papoose is how you (Dana & Mike) address the whole child.  There is a strong emphasis on the social/emotional growth of the children, especially in conflict resolution, encouraging friendships and basic citizenship.  I also love how creativity and self expression are nurtured throughout the day.   Of course I love the physical space, the adventure play yard and how you accommodate (foster?) appropriate risk – both physical and academic!

I am grateful that Papoose is NOT a program “Out of a Box” and how professional Dana and Mike are in their planning, communication and business dealings.  I especially like that there seems to be a deeper meaning to their curriculum besides whatever the children are studying at the moment- there is a real purpose behind every activity that my child does. I really like that there are no worksheets or dittos, yet my child still gets plenty of academics.

Laura Brown

Hi Mike and Dana,

You may be familiar with this book since it’s been around for some years, but I’m just in the midst of reading this excellent book now. It is making me grateful all over again for the wonderfully rich, kid-driven, outdoor-play-centered preschool experience Quinn was able to have with you at Papoose. We continue with your model of lots of outdoor time, unstructured free play and ‘teachable moments’ to balance the structured time at school. Although his favorite part of school is recess :), and we rebel at the ridiculousness of homework worksheets in grade 1, Quinn “somehow” manages to be a confident student, above level at both reading and especially math. Thanks, Dana and Mike, for a great launching pad.

Lisa, Jan and Quinn

Our decision to send our son to Papoose Preschool has been the best investment we have made as parents.  We could not be more pleased with our son’s emotional, social, and intellectual growth and development.  Mike, Dana, and the other staff members foster a supportive and caring atmosphere where each kid thrives. We give Papoose Preschool our highest recommendation.”

Brian and Sandy Walker

Mike and Dana are creative, loving, dedicated and compassionate.  They are a gift to our children, and to our community.  Our twins started in the Papoose “baby room” when they were 16 months old.  Having been born prematurely, we had a heightened sense of concern surrounding their care and development.  Mike and Dana’s professional background in education and child development was a huge draw for us.  Above and beyond the loving, nurturing care they give our children, they have also provided an immense amount of coaching to my husband and I, teaching us positive communication, effective but loving discipline, and help navigating some of the challenges unique to raising twins.  With the help of Mike & Dana, our twins are now potty trained and have made the transition into the Preschool seamlessly and gracefully.

We also love that Papoose has a healthy respect for the environment (providing cloth diaper & wipes service, for example) and proper children’s nutrition.  All of the teachers have an abundance of energy – taking the kids outdoors every day exploring on hikes in the summer, or snowshoeing and snow play in the winter.  For the structured play time, each month features a new educational theme (flight, cows, gardens, etc.) complete with new words to learn in Spanish and sign language, and a related field trip.  We feel so fortunate to be a part of the Papoose family!”

Bob and Holly Buchanan

We have known Mike and Dana going on 7 years now and have had all three of our children attend Papoose Preschool, with our youngest, 2 year old Nathaniel, currently enrolled.  We feel very fortunate to have this childcare / preschool in Truckee and have had great experiences resulting in our confidence with their curriculum, philosophy, and care that is given at the school.  Mike and Dana have a great thing going and highly recommend Papoose for one’s child caring and preschool needs.”

Al Martin and Alison Schwedner

My daughter’s experience at Papoose was unmatched!  We went through three other daycare/preschool providers before we found the perfect fit for her. Mike and Dana are creative, caring and dedicated to teaching children what is most important at this fundamental age (4 to 5 years old) – play, respect and learning to work with other children.  My husband and I have watched an incredible transformation in our daughter over the last year and a half.  She has become a confident little girl who can comfortably communicate her feelings and her zest for learning and life is flourishing. Papoose has been a big part of her growth!”

Brinn Wellise, President/Owner Switchback Public Relations + Marketing

Selecting a preschool for our twins was a major decision  We wanted a program that encompassed all aspects of child development — social, intellectual, and physical. Three factors initially attracted us to Papoose: Mike and Dana’s professional background in education, the small class size, and emphasis on outdoor exploration and teaching good stewardship of our environment.

During the past year of preschool, we have seen how Papoose’s combination of structured activities and free play has helped our children to develop self-confidence, by nurturing their inquisitiveness and creativity.  Daily hikes heighten their awareness of the outdoors, and their understanding of some of the unique characteristics of the Lake Tahoe area. We are confident that our children are developing academic and social skills in an open and supportive environment. Mike and Dana are personally committed to each child’s success, and they work hard to establish a sense of community for Papoose families. For these reasons, we are convinced that we made the right choice for our family.”

Kirk and Elana Keil

We are thrilled with our very sensitive son’s progress at Papoose.  After checking out a number of preschools in Truckee, we felt quite comfortable with him starting at Papoose.  One reason, among many other things, is small class size: this fosters a stronger relationship between teacher and child, and never will a tear go unnoticed. Mike and Dana are fantastic people and exceptionally intelligent teachers. They respect who your child is and praise each uniqueness. Papoose’s program sneaks education into play, leading our kids to love learning.  Never before have I seen a preschool that encourages teamwork, self-esteem, and creative thinking. We are so happy to have him at Papoose!

Heather Runge, mother of two

Papoose provides our two boys with a dynamic learning environment that cultivates personal and academic success by stimulating each child’s natural desire to learn. Our children have thrived in their time at Papoose. Each morning as we head to school they are filled with excitement about the day ahead and the adventures they will have.  As our oldest son heads off to kindergarten this Fall we are confident in his readiness and truly pleased with his experience at Papoose.”

Forrest Rader

We truly love and appreciate so many aspects of the care our children get at Papoose. Our oldest has been in the Preschool for 3 years and the youngest in the Infant Room for 2 years now, and the level of care, attention, learning, and love they get there is exceptional. Mike and Dana’s approach is holistic and complete, and considers the child’s well-being, happiness and their interaction with the world. The environment is both nurturing and stimulating, and there is careful attention given to where each child is in their development. And my kids come home clean!”

SunMie Won & Brian Wasson

Our experience at Papoose Preschool was outstanding.  Papoose’s educational philosophy has truly helped instill a love of learning in our daughters.  A child’s sense of curiosity and wonder are embraced at Papoose, and the thrill of discovery is apparent in everything they learn.  Dana and Mike’s dedication to teaching and their creativity make Papoose a wonderful place for children to really discover the joy of learning and the meaning of community; as well as the importance of nature and the environment.  We are so appreciative of everything our girls experienced and achieved during their time at Papoose!”

Kevin & Anna Demm

As a stay at home mom, the decision to send my daughter to preschool was for her – not to make my life easier.  I believe it is a critical time in our children’s life, as the experiences there having now are the building blocks of who they will become.  For me, I wanted my daughter in an inspiring, positive, NURTURING environment and I found these qualities at Papoose.  I could be specific an talk about the cleanliness, the organic snacks, the care in teaching, the hikes and love of nature(my favorite part).  But, in the end, to know my daughter felt loved and supported throughout these critical years was what was most important to me.  And I am thankful for her time there.”

Anna Larson