What time(s) do I drop off and pick up my child?

We prefer that you drop off you child between 8:00am and 8:45am.  Your child will have a chance to play/explore the room before we transition into the more structured activities of the day.  In the afternoon, most parents find that it is best to pickup their child between 3:30pm and 4:00pm.

It seems so unstructured during the afternoon & free play – is there any structure?

We make a distinction between structure and control. We “structure” the environment and the children control how/when/where they play.

Do you teach “phonics, numbers or the ABCs”?

We don’t drill the children and there are no worksheets. Our days are full of rhymes, chants, language, and conversation. To sit children down and “teach” language and math takes those things out of the context of everyday life and of how young children learn – by doing.   We find that worksheets teach two things: 1) That “learning” is the filling in of answers on a page, and 2) Learning is boring.

Do you teach the children to read?

Yes…and no.  We provide the tools, structure and environment for reading to develop within each child at his or her own rate.  We do not humiliate children by comparing them or forcing them to memorize early reading books.  We want children to love to read – which comes from having the tools and positive experiences of reading and being read to.  The best thing you can do at home is to not only read to your child, but let them “catch” you reading.  Often.

What about discipline? Do you use “time-outs?”

When children are in conflict, we:

  • interrupt any unsafe situation
  • focus on helping the victim instead of punishing the perpetrator
  •  move on without humiliation
  • recognize self-regulation is a long process and that growth happens bit by bit
  • teach children (by modeling) to express their feelings, needs and desires

 How do the children do when they go on to kindergarten?

Brain researchers and Kindergarten teachers both agree that the learned skill of self (impulse) control is essential to school success. Tools of the Mind curriculum, practicing self control and awareness is woven into all aspects of the day.  Most of our children do so well in Kindergarten that they have a difficult time staying challenged by the curriculum!

What happens if my child becomes ill?

If your child becomes feverish or nauseous throughout the day we make every effort to contact you immediately and request that you take your child home.  All of our staff is trained in basic first aid, Infant,child, and adult CPR.  If there is a life threatening situation, we call 911 before we call you.

Can I take my child out of school for a doctor’s appointment or special event?

Absolutely!  Please remind staff when and for how long your child will be gone throughout the school day.  We ask that you respect our quiet/naptimes and pickup your child before 1:00pm and drop off after 2:30pm.  Of course, special arrangements can always be made.