• Separate Play Room
  • Dedicated napping room
  • Why natural toys?
Separate Play Room
Infants and Toddlers have vastly different abilities and needs from Preschoolers.  That is why we have a dedicated play & crawling room just for the little ones!  The Infant/Toddler room is chock full of natural, wooden toys, wooden puzzles, soft, fluffy stuffed animals, interesting things to chew on, a full size loveseat, tons of books, a play kitchen, a workbench, and a blue ladder just for climbing! When you enter the play room there is a kitchenette with a full size refrigerator, storage for your child's extra emergency food, and large hooks to support diaper bags and snowsuits.  Adjoining the playroom is a large bathroom with a changing station set up to support cloth diapering and potty trai

Dedicated napping room
We have converted one of our rooms into "Nap Heaven".  The napping room is adjacent to the main Infant/Toddler room and consists of two pack-n-play cribs, storage for individual blankets and snugglies, VOC free paint, thick, dense curtains blocking out the sun, and a chair for a quiet space to nurse your child.  We have also infant and toddler proofed the room in case of any adventurous climbers.
The separate napping room allows children to get the sleep they need, even if other children are on different schedules!  Staff monitors the napping room with routine visual checks and a sound monitor.

Why natural toys?
Papoose uses non-toxic, wooden, natural toys whenever possible.  Brain research and personal experience has shown us that the best toys for young minds (and mouths!) are all natural and kid powered.  Young children learn best by manipulating the world around them through touch, taste, scent, and plain old experimenting.  Young children are incapable of comprehending that a battery is making the toy noisy/blinking and they definitely don't know what is wrong with chewing on plastic.  Of course, we know that microscopic bits of plastic do get chewed off and swallowed. 

A natural, kid-powered toy is the best teacher a kid can have.  A smooth, wooden block can be a building, a bridge, a car, a train, a snowboard, the list goes on...  Or, sometimes it's just fun to gnaw on a block when your teeth are coming in.
For great resources on natural toys, check out your local thrift stores (the wooden toys last long enough to resell!), and you could go to some of our favorite toy catalogs listed in the resources page.

What Our Clients Say

Papoose's educational philosophy has truly helped instill a love of learning in our daughters.

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