“There is no quality indicator as powerful as the staff’s education, training and competence.  After all, it’s the [staff] who turns junk into art or picks a leaf up from the ground and spins stories about the seasons.”   

-Dr. Karen Hill Scott  www.karenhillscott.com

Dana Mudd: Owner, Director, Teacher, Mother

Dana has a BA in Elementary Education (ASU), is a certified ESL teacher, and a licensed Bradley Method® Childbirth Instructor.  Dana has been working with infants through 6th graders for the past twenty one years in Arizona and California with a special concentration on whole child development and cultural diversity education.  Dana has traveled extensively throughout Central and South America, is an avid gardener focusing on sustainable organic gardening and, whenever possible, bakes delicious cakes.

“I love being able to work from home, with my family, while teaching children and their families tools that enrich their lives and lessen their impact on the Earth.”
– Dana



Mike Kahlich: Co-Owner, Teacher, Builder, Father

Mike Kahlich has a BA in Elementary Education (ASU), is a CA State Certified Middle School Teacher, and was the first teacher in Arizona to achieve the National Board Certified Teacher for Young Adolescents, Generalist.  Mike has taught K-12th grades for ten years with a focus on middle-schoolers and has taught at Papoose for the past eleven years.  Mike is also an active mountain biker, snowboarder and, whenever possible, constructs useful things.

“After 10 years teaching middle schoolers I now see that Preschool is the most important grade.  The fact that I get to be part of a child’s academic and emotional foundation is truly an honor.” – Mike